Covid-19 Update

  • Guided tours in Vienna are currently allowed in compliance with 3G. That is vaccinated, recovered or tested.
  • There are free testing opportunities for tourists.
  • Masks are not required outdoors. An FFP2 mask must be worn indoors.

Hardship Fund Phase 2 – Real Help for EPUs?

I was dated the day before yesterday ORF to the hardship fund 2 interviewed for EPUs.

Fortunately, I’m with the criteria in both the first and the second phase. However, that’s just enough to cover my living expenses. And it shouldn’t depend on luck that the numbers in the year and month used for the calculation just fit into the catalog of criteria. Many colleagues receive little or no support due to criteria that are far removed from any entrepreneurial reality.

It will not be known until 2021 whether I will get any more money from the fixed cost subsidy for the costs to be paid NOW for the maintenance of my company. Of course, that is far too late.

The tourism industry will only recover in 2-3 years. We urgently need a longer-term perspective than 3 months of hardship fund support.

I miss my job very much and I’m looking forward to it every booking that’s coming in in the next few months. However, we will only survive 2020 with a combination of “Vacation in Austria” AND state support.

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