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An overview of Vienna

In the hotel there are many employees:inside, who get into conversation with guests. And even in advance, knowledge about the city, its well-known sights and secret corners, serves sales and reservation staff as a basis for their packages and recommendations.

Often the contacts with the hotel staff, in the restaurant and guides are the only direct contacts for guests. In order to be able to give authentic answers to questions about recommendations, it is helpful to know the city, its history and special features, and to be able to tell about your own favorite places and anecdotes.

Vienna Knowledge

Attention to pedestrian and bicycle paths. Streetcars run in both directions on the ring road, cars only in one.

The Ringstrasse with the former aristocratic palaces.
The city park as a recreation area with benches, ponds and statues of famous personalities, e.g. Johann Strauss.
Via Weihburggasse directly into the old town to Kärntnerstraße and St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

No, unfortunately not. The main exceptions are:

In winter, the KHM and the State Hall of the National Library are closed on Monday, the Leopold Museum on Tuesday.
The Secession is always closed on Monday.
The treasury is always closed on Tuesday.

Subject to change without notice!

  • Almost all museums are open from 10-18h. (Attention closing days, see above)
  • There will be long evenings until 21h on Wednesday at the Albertina, on Thursday at the KHM and the State Hall of the National Library, and on Friday at the Albertina.
  • Schönbrunn Palace opens in winter from 9:00 to 17:00, in summer from 8:30 to 17:30h
  • The Imperial Apartments and the Sisi Museum are daily
    open from 09:30 – 17:00.
  • Attention: Last admission and closing time is usually 1h before closing time.

Sunday mornings in St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Augustinian Church or the Jesuit Church.

The program is available online on the respective websites.

Weekdays at 15h in St. Peter’s Church and usually also on Saturday at 20h.

Viennese sights

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Vienna hotels

Our initial consultation is of course free of charge. Send us an inquiry and we will talk on the phone to find out what suits you best. Think about the details, prepare surprises. To make it an experience that everyone will remember fondly.
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Viennese restaurants

* What should it be about? Get to know something new? Tailored to your interests? Building on fond memories?
* How good are you on foot? Is accessibility important to you? Are we planning a culinary break?


Viennese coffee houses

We will send you an individual offer as a pdf. Then we decide the next steps and we take care of the planning and organization. Look forward to Vienna!


Viennese Heurige

Take your time to arrive in Vienna. Feel the pulse of the city. We take our time together. We are therefore still a long way from being slow. We want you to be able to immerse yourself, feel, hear, taste and smell. Vienna a bit closer to itself and


Viennese Shops / Brands / Lables

Would you like to focus on a topic? Is there a story you would like to tell with the planned experience?


Vienna Experience & Feel

Would you like to focus on a topic? Is there a story you would like to tell with the planned experience?


Vienna Green Places

Would you like to focus on a topic? Is there a story you would like to tell with the planned experience?

You would like to have a training for your employees?

We come to your hotel and do a customized in-house training. Your receptionists and sales staff will be inspired on the most important topics such as the needs of guests and Vienna knowledge in interactive workshops and city tours.