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We go in search of traces in the Jewish history of Vienna and visit places of Jewish life then and now. Routes: 2h Altstadt/1.Bezirk, 2h Leopoldstadt/2. District or 3h 1.+2. District. Guided tours of the interior of the Jewish Museum Dorotheergasse or Judenplatz are also available upon request

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Vienna had the largest German-speaking Jewish community, over 10% of the population were Jews, until 1938. The Nazis destroyed the flourishing lives of highly assimilated families, patrons of all the arts and numerous charitable institutions, as well as tens of thousands of Orthodox Jews. People from all walks of life and professions. Most Viennese Jews lived and still live in Leopoldstadt (2nd district).

As guides in Vienna we see it as our task to deal with this topic and to learn more about it every day.Vienna would not be the city it is today without the Jewish population! Especially the decades around 1900 with the Zuckerkandls, Gallias, Lederers and many others who supported artists such as Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele, with music by Mahler and Schönberg, doctors such as Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler and Viktor Frankl, writers such as Stefan Zweig and Arthur Schnitzler who lived and worked in this city, still shape Viennese culture today.

The 2h tour through the old town (1st district) will take you to the places connected with Jewish life in the center of Vienna, such as:- Judenplatz, where the Holocaust Memorial is located- Seitenstettengasse, where the largest synagogue and the Jewish Community of Vienna are located today- Graben, where many elegant stores, some of which still exist, were run by Jews. It also goes past the Simon Wiesenthal Center and on to Morzinplatz, where the Gestapo headquarters were located in the Hotel Metropol.

The 3h tour: 1.+2. District
After the walk through the 1st district we also cross the Danube Canal , to dive into the Jewish past and present in Leopoldstadt, where once was the largest temple – we visit the remains and follow the memorial stones (stones of memory) in front of the houses where Jews lived and from which they were deported. Jewish life is back in Vienna and visible, especially in Leopoldstadt. Seeing in the places where synagogues were located the light signs (Ot).

Variant: 2h tour in Leopoldstadt

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