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Together with the hotel “Das Capri” and “Green Pearls”, artemezzo invited bloggers from Germany and Austria to an unusual insider tour in Vienna’s 2nd district today. On the trail of Viennese hotspots in terms of lifestyle and sustainability, we undertook a varied foray to the known and unknown locations of Leopoldstadt.

We started with a tour of “Das Capri” and learned a lot about the Viennese concept of the hotel and the passion for the people – both for the guests and for the employees. “We focus on people” is certainly more than a marketing phrase in Capri. Then it went straight to Schwedenplatz with the subway, where the insider tour officially began.

You can find more information about the Hotel Das Capri here:

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First we visited the NomNom Vegan Bakery, the first and still only purely vegan bakery in Vienna. Melanie, boss and founder of NomNom, told us about her ethical motivation for a vegan life and then let us taste the delicious treats – a dream in pink! Further information on the NomNom is available at:

The second stop on the program was of course the Carmelite market. There we visited the “Kaas” and witnessed authentic enthusiasm for regional foods, fine breads and natural production processes. A great shop, a great boss! We looked around the market and were spoiled with great delicacies. More information at:

Of course, sustainability is not only cute and original, but also beautiful. Nice? Yes exactly. Our third stop was the up-store with his boss Uli Kasess, a true artist. He spoiled us not only with Prosecco and a really extraordinary vegan greath lard made from coconut fat, but also with its extraordinary designs. More under:

After so much creativity and the art of living, of course you need a little fashion. The success story of Bocca Lupo, a second-hand shop in a class of its own, is no less exciting than the rich life story of the owner: Ingrid Duc. A visit that is sure to remain unforgettable for all of us to a true grande dame, not just the fashion scene. More information at:

And what do you need most after an extensive visit to a fashion boutique? Exactly, a really good coffee. Probably the best coffee in all of Vienna can be found in Caf├ę Balthasar – this is what the former Tyrolean gourmet chef Otto Bayer stands for with his name. He served us an exclusive coffee on ice – 100 euros per kilo purchase price. Info:

What more can the 2nd district offer than sweets, delicacies, upcycling and direct trade top-quality coffee? The fiery combination of arts and crafts, of course. The artist Michael Blank shows us how to forge a really good knife and what it means to create art with your own hands. A really hot experience! More information at:

What a tour! For the grand finale, it went into the supersense. You don’t have to explain this to Viennese, others should definitely get to know it. Not only is there everything in terms of creativity that can be experienced with five senses, music greats such as Fantastischen Vier also record limited aluminum records here. Unforgettable, unique and … analog.

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A great morning! We have proven one thing today: not only the first district including the Hofburg, St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Ring is worth a visit in Vienna. The second district also has a lot to offer! We would particularly like to thank our cooperation partners and our wonderful blogger guests in Vienna today. More information about the blogs is available at the following addresses:

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