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On March 23, the time had finally come: Katharina Trost and Reza Sarkari presented their first Vienna book and we were allowed to be there. Why does the Schani carry out the garden? The wonderful title of the book clearly reveals what to expect: exciting and amusing anecdotes answer 100 questions about Vienna that you may never have asked yourself before, but which you should definitely ask. If you want to learn a little more about Vienna than the obvious, the book by our dear colleague Kathi Trost is an absolute must, also because of the beautiful Vienna photos that the Viennese musician and photographer Reza Sarkari made exclusively for this book.

Katharina and Reza presented the amusing and historical opus to invited guests, including the Alsergrund cultural association, but also to other friends and literary enthusiasts. So at 7 p.m. we found ourselves at the beautiful Orlando bookstore in the 9th district. Katharina took us on a journey through historical Vienna and delighted us with a selection of her Viennese stories, showed us where Bartl gets the cider, but also revealed why the Schani in Vienna is carrying out the garden. Reza Sarkari stored the reading atmospherically with his Vienna photographs and Walther Soyka entertained us between the stages of the spiritual city tour with touching melodies on his chromatic button harmonica. A really successful debut!

As nicely as the evening ended with good wine and nice conversations, the copies of the book in stock were sold out quickly. But don’t worry, Katharina Trost’s work is meanwhile: “Why does the Schani carry the garden out in Vienna?” in any well-stocked bookstore or on Amazon available. And it’s worth it! We wish everyone interested in Vienna a lot of fun with the book and thank Reza, Kathi, the bookstore Orlando, but also the organizers of Metroverlag personally for the amusing, atmospheric evening. Enjoy spring, take a seat in the Volksgarten or a pub garden, lean back and just ask yourself: Why do the Vienna Boys’ Choir wear sailor suits? Where does the official trout swim? What is a Viennese oyster? Who was the blood countess? And … what’s a mess anyway? Katharina Trost will reveal it to you – in your new book.