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The Albertina is an art museum and is housed in the Albertina Palace of the Archduke Albrecht – a part of the Imperial Hofburg in the center of Vienna. The Albertina houses one of the most important graphic collections in the world.

The name Albertina refers to Albert Casimir, Duke of Saxony-Teschen, son of Empress Maria Theresa. In 1776 he founded the collection of today’s Albertina in Pressburg, where he represented Maria Theresa in Hungary.

Even today, the Albert Collection is considered one of the most important art collections of all. In over 50 years of art-loving collecting, he acquired over 14,000 drawings and prints. The impetus came from his wife Maria Christine.

Collection focus: Albrecht D├╝rer and his time, the Italian masters of the Renaissance, the Dutch art of the 16. and 17th century, Italian baroque and late baroque, Vienna around 1900 up to classical modern and contemporary art.