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There is hardly a more beautiful, more uplifting place than the Volksgarten Vienna. A walk in the middle of the city, past Sisi and the Emperor’s roses, from the Hofburg to the Burgtheater, a daily short vacation in a picturesque setting. And soon it will be that time again: the awakening of the roses is imminent. The hibernation was hard and exhausting, the nights cold, but now it’s back, spring. This is not only good news for the roses, but especially for them, as they are packed in Brazilian coffee sacks for the winter. In Brazilian coffee sacks? Yes, exactly (see picture). But soon the sack will be pulled from your face, soon you will be able to enjoy the first gentle rays of spring sunshine and no less … delight in the sight of it.

The Volksgarten has been accessible to the common people since 1823, previously only accessible to the archdukes, and we would highly recommend that to anyone strolling through the inner city of Vienna – once across the Hofburg, you are “in the green”. We owe the concept for the geometrically laid out garden to Ludwig von Remy, and we owe it to the court gardener Franz Antoine the Elder. The Volksgarten, as it has been called since 1825, passed from the hands of the Emperor into the possession of the Republic of Austria, so strictly speaking does not belong to the City of Vienna. Today it is one of the seven federal gardens that are subordinate to the “Ministry for an Austria worth living in”. Be that as it may, the Volksgarten, partly in the style of an English park, partly in the style of old baroque gardens, is a green gem in the heart of the city.

But back to the sleeping roses … these are located between the park entrance directly at the Burgtheater and the Grillparzer monument in the Volksgarten. In addition to the rose beds framed by box trees, the majority of the rose varieties form the border of the garden itself. These can be marveled at while taking a break from everyday life on the countless park benches, which are often used by locals and tourists alike in summer to relax, to collect themselves and to enjoy the view of the imperial Vienna of the Ringstrasse and the Hofburg . Now that we have a Federal President again, he may even wave at you from his residence while you breathe the scent of the imperial roses. With this in mind … we are looking forward to a wonderful spring in our beautiful Vienna and to roses without a bag on our heads. Brazilian coffee is good … but you can overdo anything!

WIENTIP FOR ROMANTICS: In the end, we still have our Wientip for true romantics. Anyone who loves roses and besides them someone or something can take on a rose sponsorship for five years. In return for the financing of the rose care, a personal sign will be attached to the sponsored plant in the Volksgarten, if you wish, to which you can provide a personal dedication. A personal dedication on a rose in the middle of the garden of the dream palace of the imperial couple, for someone you really love – Vienna can hardly offer anything more romantic. If you are interested in sponsoring roses in the Volksgarten, or in other flower sponsorships, for example in the Schönbrunn Palace Gardens, simply contact the »Federal Gardens«. You can find information and contact details here .